Monday, May 10, 2021

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile.......... Since I've run? NO, it's been awhile since I've posted here. 

Actually, and I probably shouldn't write this, I have yet to miss a day of running in 2021. No injuries, no sickness, no Corona Virus. Now of course it helps that I run so slowly. It keeps the injuries away.

Anyway, several nice things in the last week: 

First, 61 miles for the week. The main contributor to the mileage was the other two nice things: Boise, ID and the Eugene Half Marathon.

So, Boise...... I love going to Boise. There are plenty of roads and trails that I have yet to navigate in the town, I really love my two faves. First, the River Trail. As river trails go, this one is not anything incredibly special. It's just one of those places that feels nice. It's always clean, the people are always nice, and I really enjoy the sound of the river.

Next is Camel Back Park. A series of trails that begin in Boise's North End and heads up into the hills. I love that there are so many options for where to run and the miles just go and go. Like everywhere in Boise, everyone is friendly (I'm praying that the onslaught of outsiders moving in does not change that like it has in Denver). Mostly though, it's the hills. Up, down, up, down. Big ones, little ones, It's just hills and hills and hills. As NAU Coach Mike Smith said in an interview, his favorite run is "running up the mountain until the mountain stops." It's kind of like that. One of my fave runs.

Then yesterday, the Eugene Half Marathon. I entered the virtual version ages ago as I thought it would be a good idea to add on to my 12 mile run from weeks ago. I was also enamored with the finishers medal which was a piece of the old Hayward Field East stands all shined up.

Well, through a series of circumstances, I actually missed the run window for being "official," whatever that means. Still feeling the obligation since they had already sent the medal, proclaiming me to be a finishers, I figured I should earn it. So, I did.

Nothing huge to report other than the fact that I made the distance and my knee didn't totally collapse. And THAT is good all by itself.

Run on.

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